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Who: James Lewis
Where: Atlanta, GA
What: For H.E.R.
Why: James Lewis is another MC who is merging the hip hop form with a bigger musical expression, which transcends the genre. The instrumentals are richly complex and heavily detailed canvases for the depth of his intricate wordplay. It’s always an excellent find when an artist can blend the complexities of the music and the lyrical delivery, which he makes seem effortless. The flow of the verses is natural and nothing about this project feels forced or out of place. The feelings his music evokes are intense and raw, as he involves content that real people can relate to. The passion James Lewis holds for his craft is immeasurable with words and his vibe is one that anyone seeking authenticity can resonate with. I anticipate big things in this dude’s future, no question about it.

If you’d like to listen to more of his music, check out his bandcamp here:


Big Thanks man!!!!


James Lewis “For H.E.R.” gets its on segment on 2ser 107.5 FM Radio (Sydney, Australia) w/ host Lyndon

I was giving a huge opportunity this week by a radio host by name of “Lyndon”! My music was played to the people across Sydney, Australia today! I want to give a special thanks to user 107.3 FM and Lyndon for giving my music a chance!!!!


Artist: James Lewis 

Title: Fallen Ashes Ft. LeeThomas Lee 

Album: For H.E.R. 2014

This guy is amazing! This song is just one of my favorites from his album For H.E.R. Its a great song. Just press the play button and see it  and experience it for yourself. 

He has put some much effort and courage to create this album, and you can really hear it!  And that my fellow followers… is passion. 

So please! If you like his music go visit his page

or his tumblr:

for more awesomeness, words can’t describe it so just listen and enjoy.